Frequently Asked Questions

What type of organization(s) benefits from Stormpromax’s Compliance Tracking Solution?
Any organization(s) required to track NPDES stormwater compliance. Unlimited site and permit record management for one site or multiple sites from one solution.
Is stormwater compliance really necessary?
Yes. Compliance with NPDES regulations is federally mandated and delegated to each state. Stormpromax helps eliminate the guess work and helps you maintain your compliance tracking status.
Are internal IT administrators required to implement Stormpromax?
No. Stormpromax’s experienced staff will administer all facets of your solution setup and training. Your organization will be required to appoint an account administrator to add users, set automated reports, notifications, permits and other settings.
Is Stormpromax compliance tracking administrator training available?
Yes. Basic training is included with both Stormpro and Stormpromax on the basic functions, reporting and navigation. We also offer Advanced Training if required.
Can our organization brand or private label Stormpromax for our use?
Yes. Stormpromax can be branded to meet individual client requirements. Client's branding will display on individual pages as well as reports. Contact our staff for information.
Is Stormpromax for Owners/Operators or Inspection Companies?
Both. Stormpromax can be used by Owners, Operators and Inspection Companies. Owners can have all of their NPDES permits on the system, and then through our sharing capabilities, grant restricted access to third parties (inspection / BMP companies). Or Inspection / BMP companies can use Stormpromax software and give access to their customers as needed.
What other industries can benefit from Stormpromax?
Stormpromax is used in but not limited to: Home Building, Roadway/DOT Contractors, Commercial/General Contractors, Oil , Gas and Energy Operators, BMP Inspectors & Installers and Engineers. Stormpromax is also used at airports for tenant compliance tracking.
Is my Data Secure?
Yes. Stormpromax follows strict data security best practices and uses SSL Security True 256-bit Encryption.
Is there a Backup process?
Yes. Your data is always a top priority to Stormpromax. Our daily backup is completed by certified backup technicians. They handle your data with the utmost care and in the event of an emergency we have restoration services available.
Will Stormpromax alert me if an inspection is missed?
Yes. Stormpromax will notify you if an inspection is missed. The system will notify you at customized intervals (up to three) if any inspection is missed.
What if a responsive action is not completed by my third party within the time frame allowed by my permit?
You can customize each permit to notify you at whatever intervals you would prefer.
Do I have to use all of the modules to make the system work?
No. All of the basics for permit compliance come with the default system, but these and many other features can be turned on and off depending on your needs. Basic features include: Inspections due reminders, responsive action reminders, inspections, responsive actions, reporting, and site / permit tracking.
Can I track each lot in my community?
Yes. On the permit detail page you can add all of your lots through our “lot wizard”, then on your inspections you can choose each lot, or just add a global comment with BMP’s that are needed or other responsive actions that need to be performed.
Do I need internet connectivity in the field?
No, through Fieldpro, you can synchronize in the morning at any hot spot, perform all of your inspections, then data sync in the evening. All of your inspections, comments, and pictures will sync to the web.
Can I have a distribution list for each permit?
Yes, simply add their name to the contacts of the permit, and check “distribution list”.
Can I update my site map using the field application?
Yes. The map can be updated and will instantly be shown on your web version of Stormpromax. Clients who have Fieldpro can update it here for mobile use.
Can Stormpromax be customized?
Yes. Stormpromax can be customized to meet specific client requirements. Contact us to discuss the details of your requirements.
Will Stormpromax increase or cut cost?
Cut costs. The Stormpromax system reduces the need for additional compliance personnel. Organizations can have one person that has complete access to all of the permits. Simply by viewing the dashboard a compliance manager can see at a glance if any compliance issues are pending. This eliminates the need for additional personnel at the site level. This benefit plus the time saved in entering and managing your data, and avoiding compliance issues, will cut your costs.
Can I add my own BMP’s to the system?
Yes. Each account has the ability to setup customized list of Best Management Practices (BMP’s).
Is Tech Support Available?
Yes, Tech support is offered 24/7 through our online ticket submission.
Do I need to install any special software on our company servers?
No. All you need is high speed internet connectivity. If your service has Fieldpro as part of your solution, Fieldpro will require installation on your portable system.
How do I see the system features first hand?
Stormpromax offers free personal online demonstrations to provide a thorough understanding of the system’s capabilities.
Can I limit the access for individual employees, clients and third parties?
Yes, Stormpromax allows you to completely customize the access levels for all user types.
Do system updates interfere with routine use?
No. Updates are initiated over weekends. In the event of a major enhancement, information notices will be sent in advance via emails.
Which formats can be attached in the photo attachment feature?
The most commonly used formats can be uploaded to Stormpromax: JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, PDF and TIFF.
Is there a file size limit on documents and photo attachments?
Yes. There is a 10 mb limited per file attachment.
Which document formats can be attached to records?
Doc, docx and PDF