The challenge of tracking and record maintenance of site information, permit and inspection data, made simpler with Stormpromax.

Other Industry Applications Compliance Tracking Solutions for a variety of industries requiring detailed record maintenance of stormwater compliance data. All customizable for your specific requirements.

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Our online database eliminates the need for duplicate data, either in paper format or multiple installations on individual computers. A flexible method for sharing information in real time, including reports, maps, permits, pictures and multimedia data.

Customize levels of security for employees, workgroups, management, location and third party access.
A flexible, secure solution for contractors, corporations, agencies and clients to access the information in real time, sharing information for each member's requirements.
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airport A Historical Challenge to Track & Maintain Compliance Data

Commercial construction incorporates an array of disciplines and project types including roadway, pipeline, telecommunication, commercial buildings and more. NPDES permits are required for any such activity that has stormwater discharges with potential for erosion from disturbed land, with potential for extra sediment loadings, with exposure to construction machinery and equipment, with exposure to construction activities, with exposure to construction materials and more. It is paramount that the contractor not only maintains the BMP’s (Best Management Practices) for each site but regularly performs inspections to validate the BMP’s effectiveness.

commercial developmentAutomated Compliance Tracking & Real time Historical Data by Site

The Stormpromax solutions provide automated compliance tracking functions, in real time, as well as a historical overview of all inspection activity for any site.  No longer is maintaining 3-5 years of paper files a concern. The Stormpromax system provides you with an electronic filing cabinet with not only all of the inspection information, but the site information, associated documents, site photos, electronic interactive maps and more.  With the Stormpromax system, a contractor can upload photos and utilize an interactive map to provide a clear picture of the current or past condition of a site.